Beginning the journey….beginning with Terral, Hanes, Harville, Cloud, Osborne, Gove, Silloway & Whittier

I recently started researching my family history and I have enjoyed it so much!  Some of my favorite memories as a child were looking at the family photo albums and heirlooms.  I have also been the family collector (aka hoarder!) of furniture, historical items like some of my grandfather’s Masonic items.  I looked forward to eventually passing everything on to my children but I was not blessed with children so I am going to share what I can online in the hope that it can help future family historians from other branches of the tree.  This blog will be a work in progress but I want to share family photos and stories about my ancestors because I have come across some interesting ones already.  I also want to put names to everyone I can in the branches of the tree and maybe be contacted by family that we aren’t aware of yet.  I’m looking forward to a very interesting and informative journey following my family footsteps through the past.


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