Sorting Sherwoods

Today I am working on trying to sort out the branches of the Sherwoods line.

  • Wilton Leslie Osborne’s (02 Jul 1920 – 05 May 1989) father was Herbert Sherwood Osborne (21 Jan 1895 – 30 Oct 1971) – know for sure through two of  Wilton Leslie’s daughters Daisy and Amanda
  • Herbert Sherwood Osborne’s  (21 Jan 1895 – 30 Oct 1971) parents were David Hilgriff Osborne (21 May 1866 – 12 Mar 1932) and Emma Amelia Sherwood (31 Mar 1866 – 23 Oct 1947)  determined through US Census records 1900 – 1940 & report from family (Amanda)
    • Herbert Sherwood Osborne’s siblings were Mabel Irene Osborne (5 Sep 1892 – unknown) & Freda Amelia Osborne (about 1902 – 1972) – determined through US Census records 1900 – 1940
  • Still working on David Hilgriff Osborne’s family but so far through various census records his parents were Samuel Osobrne (abt 1827 – abt 1901) and Matilda Jane Sherwood (11 Apr 1827 – 27 Mar 1902).  Matilda was first married to Andrew Edward Mallory (1826 – abt 1864) and had 8 children with him and they were half siblings to David Hilgriff Osborne.  I’m looking at the sources for the half siblings now and have checked Mary, Sarah Jane, Harriett Elizabeth and Hannah so far.  I will pick back up with George Edward, Easter & Rachal (twins), Julia.  I wish there was more time to work on this today but it is a work night so I have to force myself to go to sleep.

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