Mabel Irene Osborne & the family piano

I grew up with a beautiful upright piano in our home. My mother used to play and we loved it. When my parents did some remodeling, they decided to not keep the piano anymore so I took it home with me. It has moved with me 3 times. I do not play the piano and I know it is probably out of tune but I think it is beautiful and it has so many memories for me. My mom told me in the past the piano was given to her by an aunt but that was before I started investigating the family tree. After reading my blog post from yesterday about the Sherwoods, she told me that the piano came from Mabel Irene Osborne, my great grand aunt on my maternal grandfather’s side of the family. I was thrilled to get that tidbit of information. I am going to take a picture of the piano this weekend and post it. I will have to get all the details as well. Mom also said Mabel did not marry until later in life and she doesn’t remember her married name right now but she will try to remember. I will put out the word to my aunts on facebook to see if they remember…


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