Sorting Sherwoods the Sequel

  • Tonight, I have researched George Edward Mallory, Easter Mallory & Rachal Mallory (twins), Julia Mallory.  These were the final 3 out of 8 children of Matilda Jane Sherwood with Andrew Edward Mallory.  He died in 1864.  Matilda married Samuel Osborne around 1865 and had three children with him – David Hilgriff Osborne (21 May 1866 – 12 Mar 1932), my 2nd great grandfather on my maternal father’s side, Joseph William Osborne (31 Mar 1868 – 14 Jul 1929) & James Osborne (04 Dec 1873 – unknown).
  • I’ve hit a dead end on Samuel Osborne.  The information shows he was born in Ireland about 1827 but I haven’t found out where he was born or lived in Ireland nor when or how he immigrated to Canada.  He married Matilda Jane Sherwood around 1865 so he must have come across before that.  I’ve heard it is hard to find family history in Ireland especially if you don’t know what county they came from.  On the 1871 Census of Canada, he is listed as born in Ireland, Religion Presbyterian, Origin Irish, Occupation Boat and Shoemaker. On 1881 Census of Canda, the information was the same except only listed as a Shoemaker at that time.  On the 1891 Census of Canada, his parents are both listed as being born in Ireland and he listed as a Shoemaker.  He isn’t listed on the 1901 Census of Canada so he probably died before that time.  That census sheet is dated April 13-15, 1901.  So he will be one of the mysteries I will be working on….I have to say I was thrilled to find him because I always wanted ancestors from Ireland and he was the first one I found! Yay!
  • David Hilgriff Osborne’s mother was Matilda Jane Sherwood.  On the 1871 Census of Canada, Matilda J. place of birth is New Brunswick, Religion Baptist, Origin German.  On the 1891 Census of Canada, her parents are listed as being born in New Brunswick.  On the 1901 Census of Canda, Matilda was listed as Head of Household and only son James was still living at home.  This is probably a case where someone else provided the information or she was having memory problems because she is listed as 74 yrs old with her birth month listed as “did not know”.  Her death is listed as March 27, 1902 through but there isn’t a source cited to verify that date.
  • Next time, I will do some research into Matilda Jane Sherwood’s family…..

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