John C. Hanes, Who are you??

Today, I have been working on organizing my information on my computer, my bookmarks, my scanned pictures, etc.  It was all getting out of control but it is better now.  I’ve also been doing some hit and miss, mainly miss, searching on John C. Hanes.  He is my 2nd great grandfather on my father’s mother’s side.

I have his marriage license from 1885 where he married Sophronia Valentine in Catahoula Parish but not much more than that.  I know she was remarried on the 1900 census so John might have died prior to that.  The 1890 census is not available because it was ruined in a fire & through some mismanagement of the records so that wealth of info is lost.  Such a shame!  I was trying to go around him and see if he showed up on any of his children but no luck so far.  I did find a new item for Sophronia in the 1898 Galveston City Directory.  She was listed as Mrs. JC but didn’t look like he was there.  I already had a pic of him from my father with notation on the picture that John Hanes was my great great grandfather & shot & killed. Daddy doesn’t remember writing that and he doesn’t remember what happened to John C. Hanes.  I went around and signed up for some Hanes mailing lists to see if I can discover anything through them.  Time to call it quits for the day, looking forward to more research tomorrow and hopefully a breakthrough!

EmmieCloudHanes ViolaHanesMoore AlvinHanes JohnHanes

JC Hanes Sophronia Valentine marriage

Sophronia Hanes Mrs JC 1898 Galveston Texas City Directory

Sophronia Valentine 1870 census


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