Family Collage

My Aunt Amanda put together this collage back in 1999 and gave a print to all her siblings.  It recently resurfaced when my Aunt Sandy posted it on facebook so I decided to label it for future family historians.  I sat down with my mom, Daisy, and she told me who was who then Amanda filled in the gaps.    I enjoyed hearing the stories including how my grandmother, Pauline Darling Gove came to be wearing her husband’s uniform.  Legend has it he bet her she couldn’t fit into his dress whites and you can tell by her smile in the picture that she was happy to prove him wrong.  Amanda put the picture of Pauline’s mother Nellie May Whittier beside the uniform picture because they had similar poses.  Nellie died when Pauline was a child so it is cool to see them side by side like that.  There is a mystery regarding who the two woman and the man are in the picture with Nellie but Amanda thinks one of them is her sister.  If anyone knows, please let me know.

Family CollageLabelled


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