Fun Serendipity

Today I was doing some research on my AncestryDNA matches and I was following a connection from the Cloud side of the family (my paternal grandmother’s maternal side). My 3rd great grandparents, William M. Cloud & Elizabeth Betsy Johnston, had a son Huey C. Cloud who is my 2nd great grandfather and his brother’s line was showing a 4th cousin DNA match to me. Newton Cloud had a daughter Delilia (Delilah) Leila Cloud and she had a daughter Bettie (Betty) Lee Meadows and she had a son but his name isn’t known because it is set to Private. This son had a daughter that is showing as my 4th cousin. So I was looking at Bettie (Betty) Lee Meadows on the 1930 Census and noticed the sheet was only partially filled in. I never saw that before so I looked at the entry written in the blank space and it said: “Here ends the Enumeration District 35-9 Richard N. Terral Enumerator.”  Richard N. Terral is my 2nd great grandfather from the opposite side of the family (my paternal grandfather’s paternal side).  I didn’t know he worked as an enumerator and it is always fun to stumble across the family that I wasn’t even researching at the time.

There are two Richard N. Terrals in my family tree so I did some math. Richard Nathan Terral, my 2nd great grandfather, was about 59 while Richard Nell Terral, his grandson, was only 12 at the time.

Census Enumerator 8 Apr 1930 to 16 Apr 1930 (Enumerator # 3601?). Enumeration District No. 35-9, Supervisor’s District 4, Sheet 1A to 7A.

Census where Richard N Terral was enumerator


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